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Selank 10mg Canada Peptides

Product name: Selank 10mg

Substance: Peptide - psyche

Manufacturer: PEPTO-PRO (GERMANY)





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10 mg/vial

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1 Vial





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Lyophilized Selank is stable at room temperature for 90 days,however it should be stored in a freezer below -8C for any extended period of time. After reconstituting Selank should be refrigerated at temperatures not to exceed 36 F.



Selank undoubtedly contributes to keeping the body in good physical condition and mental well-being, which is reflected in the intensification of all types of metabolism and support the proper functioning of all organs and organ systems such as the nervous, immune, endocrine and cardiovascular system. Prolonged stress leads to disruption of metabolic and regulatory processes in the body, induces the development of oxidative stress and the occurrence of malfunctions, which after some time grow into very serious diseases (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, anxiety disorders, stroke and others). Idyll perfect prevention is to eliminate the harmful effects of stress and fatal disease which sharply reduce the quality of life and may cause death. Effects Selank: Selank improves the ability to receive information and learning Selank reduces levels of emotional tension, anxiety and fear, has uklidňujícně and neutralizes the effects of stress Selank optimizes the amount of cortical brain functions (speech, attention, thinking, coordination of movements) Selank maintains and restores mental performance Selank improves memory (remembering, processing / structuring information, playing memories) Selank improves concentration, particularly in connection with mental fatigue Selank keeps the body in good physical condition and mental well-being Selank reduces mental fatigue (eg. Mental fatigue during monotonous activity operator) Selank stimulates physical performance Selank increases the adaptability of the human body in extreme situations Selank helps manage conflicts, financial problems, stress, problems in love, etc. Selank does / does not: Selank has no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system and other important body systems Selank not allergenic and immunotoxic activity Selank does not cause addiction Selank has a debilitating effect on the body Selank no adverse effects of traditional sedatives (causes lethargy, drowsiness, impaired concentration, memory and motor coordination) Selank has virtually no side effects or harmful Selank is a regulatory peptide, a synthetic analog of human immunoglobulin G (tetrapeptide tuftsin), which was developed at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences. It has stable anxiolytic and neuroprotective effects, and finds application in medicine, particularly in the treatment of patients with generalized anxiety disorder. Selank brings emotional relief as traditional sedatives (Relanium, Alprazolam, Phenazepam etc.), but without the presence of dependencies and without the typical side effects of sedatives (lethargy, drowsiness, impaired concentration, memory and motor coordination). Selank is harmless, even at doses 500 times exceeding therapeutic dose. Selank can be successfully used to suppress the fear, anxiety, the treatment of neurotic patients, to stimulate learning and memory in healthy people, neutralize the effects of stress, and for the prevention of mental disorders or fatigue. Idyll drug is unique and has no comparable competitive products in the world. Selank was also awarded a gold medal and a diploma at the International Salon of inventions in Geneva on 20 April 2007 in the category of neuroprotective effects. Use Selank in healthy people: The optimal daily dose is 300 micrograms idyll 2-3 daily. Storage conditions: Selank stored at 2-8 ° C (refrigerator).