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10 nutrition-packed foods you need in your diet to bulk up

10 nutrition-packed foods you need in your diet to bulk up

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08 May 2023Admin Steroids4U.eu

If you want to bulk up, you’ll need to consume the right kinds of food; that’s a given. Your nutrition should be a top priority to gain the maximum benefit from your diet; it’s essential to have certain foods on your weekly shopping list to ensure you’re packing in the proper nutrients. 

Food with a high energy density will be easier to consume and take up less room in your stomach, meaning you can eat more. Food high in protein, carbs and healthy fats will fast-track the muscle-building process, and good, nutritious food is perfect for bulking. 

Let’s look and see exactly what we must regularly consume to keep up with the pace.


If you’re looking for food packed with all the proper nutrients, you’ll find a better source than salmon. The high density of omega-3 fatty acids is reason alone to make this staple part of your diet as they help prevent muscle loss and increase growth hormone and muscle strength and range of motion. Great for eating before or after exercise with a whopping 25g of protein for each 4o serving.


Oats are the perfect whole-grain food as they’re great for bulking and cutting. Oats are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein and low in saturated and healthy fats. As a bonus, you’ll also get a decent hit of iron and magnesium. Oats are another complex carbohydrates and energy source that can be paired with protein powder, eggs, and fruit to make a full-bulking meal. Oats can also help you stay full for longer, providing a slow, clean energy source throughout the day. This is a must-add to your weekly dietary list.


Packing in the protein is essential, and with ground beef, you’ll get a high protein level of around 23g for each 4oz serving alongside about 200 calories. It’s also packed with B vitamins, minerals, and creatine and is versatile, so you’ll not get bored with eating it regularly. Chicken is often a favorite of those looking to bulk up, but for those looking for more saturated fats and calories, beef should be your choice.


When we fuel for our workouts, food with a high energy density should come first. Something that you can pack into your system that will give you the boost you need to put everything you’ve got into it. Nuts and seeds are perfect as they don’t take up much room in your stomach, so you can eat plenty before feeling full. Nuts and seeds are rich in calories, healthy fats, protein, and fiber and are packed full of micronutrients.  


Greek yogurt should be your choice due to its low-fat, low-sugar, ultra-high protein content. It contains a unique mixture of fast-digesting whey protein and slow-digesting casein protein. It’s easy to take on the move, too, so it’s perfect for a snack at the gym, and it’s the ideal alternative for those looking for something other than meat to boost their protein intake. Greek yogurt is a must if you want something sweeter during your clean bulk.


Bananas will add a dose of prebiotics to your system, which will help with your digestive system. Packed with carbs and essential and healthy nutrients, They’re versatile too and perfect as an add-on to your breakfast or as a snack. Bananas help to restore muscle glycogen levels even while preventing muscular breakdown. They’re also an excellent source of potassium.


Cottage cheese is often overlooked when planning a nutrient-packed diet for bulking. It contains a high percentage of casein protein which is slow digesting, so it will continue to assist in muscle-building hours after consumption. One cup of cottage cheese contains 24g of protein and 8g of carbs.


Our list wouldn’t be complete without the item which has been the backbone of bulk training since its inception. Eggs contain large amounts of the amino acid leucine, which plays a significant role in muscle gain. You’ll get a hefty dose of healthy fats, vitamins and choline alongside this high-quality protein. Whether you’re whipping up an omelet or adding a fried egg to the top of your steak, eggs should always be a regular part of your diet.


Chicken is the perfect food for building muscle as it contains a lot of protein and low-fat content. Try to avoid processed chicken as this will contain impure ingredients, which can make you feel slouchy. Each 3oz serving contains a massive 26g of protein, perfect for building and repairing muscles. The breast is the best source of lean protein, with a higher protein-to-fat ratio than any other chicken part.  


Brown rice is another perfect complex carbohydrate that is excellent for consuming before training as it will help you during your workout and in your recovery afterward. It provides a sustained release of energy to your muscles and is one of the best sources of slow-release proteins. It’s tasty and perfect either as a side dish or incorporated into a main meal, and it should always be on top of your shopping list.

We all know the importance of packing the proper nutrients to fuel your body for workouts and muscle recovery. Getting enough carbs and protein is essential if you’re looking to bulk up, and you must plan your meals and snacks carefully to reflect the kind of workout you have planned. This is important not only to ensure you have sufficient energy but also to ensure you have plenty of protein for recovery.

If you’re focussing on bulking, then you might need some help in the form of supplements.

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