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4 Easy Ways To Make Your Food Healthier | Steroids4U.eu

For some people, who usually don’t cook and don’t use anything more complicated than salt and pepper, this may seem intimidating, but with this simple guide you can cook up some other tasty options.
Nowadays, it is modern to eat healthily, but let’s face it, healthy eating will keep us fit, so it is important to have some information about your diet. Eating simple meals can make it easier for you to prepare them. However, eating the same thing around is not always for everyone. Spices are an easy way to change the taste of foods without adding a lot of calories. Most spices and herbs contain zero fat and protein may contain a gram or two of carbohydrates, but that’s really only if you use excessive amounts. For example, dried garlic has about 2 grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon, which is generally much more than you would use in a single serving. Pay attention to the spices you buy, especially for mixes such as steak seasoning, there is a lot of filler and an excess of salt. Spices can be used for almost anything, but they are especially good on proteins such as eggs, pork or chicken or tofu. Most spices are great on their own, but with a combination of spices, you can create endless flavor options. You can enjoy your chicken in many ways.
The amount of each spice you use will vary depending on the type of food you put it on and your personal taste. Usually use less strong flavors such as onions, garlic and anything spicy such as basil and oregano. In time, you will find out what suits you better and you will gradually add more spices and herbs, when you add a little salt, it will help you to evoke the taste of these spices.

Here are some simplified tips to help you get started:

If you want to add a Mexican touch to your food, make a root mixture with garlic powder and rasca, and also add smoked chili pepper and coriander. This works especially well on meat, but feel free to add the mixture to the rice or sprinkle it with eggs.
For more Italian taste, combine garlic powder, onion powder, basil and oregano. You can use this mixture for meat, or you can pour it on scrambled eggs, or you can mix them into tomato sauce to create your own pasta sauce.
For Thai cuisine, combine basil, garlic powder, curry, powder, ginger and rasca. This mixture can be used for seasonal processing of meat or rice or in combination with canned coconut milk to create a simplified curry sauce.
For grilling without using different sauces, try combining smoked peppers, rasca, cinnamon, black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Use it on meat, sprinkle it on eggs or experiment by sprinkling it on other foods to see what you like.
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