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6 ways to help children eat healthily | Steroids4U.eu

While it may not seem like your children are listening to you, much of what they learn about how to live healthily comes from you. And because you care about a healthy life and are constantly learning, you can also help your children.

We all know how important proper eating and eating habits are when it comes to our family’s health. Most parents consciously prepare and consume healthy food in front of their children to try to instill in them the importance of eating quality healthy food. Despite all this, many of you are still listening to “nieee broccoli nieee”. For some parents, getting healthy food into their twigs is a direct struggle, and it may seem like another full-time job. Instead of fighting your children to follow rules, such as “no dessert until you have eaten the vegetables you have on your plate,” children need to be involved in the actual process of choosing and preparing healthy meals.

Even if you believe the opposite, your children hear and see everything an adult does in their lives. If you want your children to live long and healthy lives, you need to make sure that what you are showing them supports this goal. Try cooking together, ask your children how they would like to prepare a fish, or how broccoli should be prepared to make it taste good. Children have a lot of imagination and in this playful way you can learn from each other. The more we let the children explore and have fun in the kitchen, the more they will be more sensitive to the new habits you are trying to instill in them. Start by shopping together, for example, then discuss what could be cooked from it, for example, have them washed with vegetables or stored in the refrigerator.

Here are some tips from a well-known fitness center to help your kids eat healthier.

1) MEASURE BUT MAKE IT FUN.Consuming healthy foods often requires a scale, which may seem obligatory for some children. Give the children their own drawer, where they will have their measuring cups and spoons and other dishes. Show them how to measure a portion. Then teach them how portion size is related to the amount of nutrients their body needs.

2) HELP ME VISUALIZE THE DAILY SUGAR AND SALT CONSUMPTION.From each meal during the day, measure the amount of sugar and salt in these foods and pour the amount into a glass. Then give the children a spoon and ask if they want to eat all the salt and sugar that are there. This is enough for most children to be more aware of food choices.

3) GIVE US A LOGBOOK WATCHES THEIR EATING HABITS.You can split columns there, which will track sugars, salt, proteins and other compositions, draw pictures there, make marks or stamps, just what a fun way you can think of together. Reward your children for their efforts.

4) TALK TO THE CHILDREN ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY EATING.Talk to them, of course at their level, about diseases about obesity and genetics. But you have to talk about these things in a way that doesn’t scare them, you may be surprised at how interested they can devour the facts. There are many documents and articles and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to let them go.

5) ALWAYS ALLOW.Give your children from time to time to choose as they see fit, though. If you do not give them the opportunity to eat other than healthy ones, they may do it behind your back. Our children need to trust us and vice versa. We need to trust them to make their own decisions, both good and bad, and then understand the consequences.

6) KEEP IT SIMPLE.The popular recommendation is, teach children to ask these three basic questions: Can I have a snack ?? What can I have? How much can I eat? It will take some time for children to introduce this habit, but it is important for them to understand that if they want a delicacy, they must ask.

How to handle portion size?

Parents often do not know how much their child should eat. I recommend sticking to your children’s activity level tables to match the amount of calories their children consume and the amount of exercise they perform. Do not interview children who associate portion size with body size, as this may lead to dissatisfaction with the weight. Instead, focus on the idea that good food choices encourage our bodies to become strong and healthy. The bottom line is that the only way our children know how to make healthy decisions is if we teach them. Many parents do not believe they have the knowledge or skills to help their children make good decisions. The energy we invest in acquiring these skills and knowledge for ourselves will benefit our children – and help us live healthier lives!
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