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1. Part: What we need for the application of Anabolic steroids.

It is very important to choose the right “tools” in the application of intramuscular anabolic steroid. The basic components are: syringe and needle. Ideal volume syringe for the application is 2 ml. Can also be greater, if appropriate knife one area more than 2 ml, but in general, this amount is sufficient. Disadvantage larger syringe is that, that it is to handle pretty bad. When selecting a needle on steroids, we must remember that it is very important that the substance through the needle to move smoothly, ie. must be sufficiently thick in order to not block the during application, it would not be too thick, the puncture is not very painful. When you look at the packaging on the back needle – removable side and there you will find information on the thickness and length. It is best to choose a needle just under the criteria as buying needles form “please have 10 blue needles” is also quite clumsy and color can be different for different manufacturers. Show off a little and ask for the professionalism it to the thickness and length – and you’ll have problems after. Well, let’s go back to what the different numbers mean. Usually you will find there are several numbers like. 23 G, Nr. 16, 0.6 x 25 These numbers mean this: 23 G The international thick needle (from the English “gauge”). This “gauge” number represents the diameter needle. What makes this number is smaller, the thicker the needle, and vice versa. The needle of 27 G designation is very thin, while the needle bearing 18 G is thick almost like “cannon”. Thinner needles are used primarily in applications of insulin for diabetics and those thicker especially in blood collection. Picking the needle to this issue is quite awkward, because this issue has not provided information about how long the needle. Nr. 16 Another type of labeling needle thickness. 0.6 x 25 detail clearest we describe two properties needles, 0.6 mm – 25 mm and thickness – the length of the needle. It is according to these numbers, you can easily ask for a pharmacy in such a needle as desired. When you summarize it so, so perfect needle is 0.6 mm thick (22 to 23 G, Nr. 15-16) and 2.5 to 3 cm long (25-30 mm). Thickness 0.6 Needles are not so thick that you have trouble injecting them, while they are thick enough to make them easily passed substance, whether it is oily or aqueous form. Less than 25 mm needles for intramuscular administration really not recommended, because it can happen that the needle does not move a muscle until the end of the subcutaneous tissue and muscle. If steroid applied in this area, it will create a sort of local swelling, which may, in some cases, painful. Key, however, is that the application in this area is 100% effective. So no need to worry about it and instead need to use a long needle to fabric get there, where to get the.


23 G – The international needle thickness (from the English “gauge”). This “gauge” number represents the diameter needle. What makes this number is smaller, the thicker the needle, and vice versa. The needle of 27 G designation is very thin, while the needle bearing 18 G is thick almost like “cannon”. Thinner needles are used primarily in applications of insulin for diabetics and those thicker especially in blood collection. Picking the needle to this issue is quite awkward, because this issue has not provided information about how long the needle.

Nr. 16 – Another type of labeling needle thickness.

0,6 x 25 – The figure, which we describe both properties clearest needle, 0.6 mm – 25 mm and thickness – length of the needle. It is according to these numbers, you can easily ask for a pharmacy in such a needle as desired.


2. Part: The place where we apply Anabolic steroids.

First of all, forget about the arms, forget triceps, dorsal or pectoral muscles, the only two places you have to be envisaged, the thighs and buttocks. Nothing more! Not that it neišlo elsewhere, but expected to have significantly greater experience and feel in the hand and it is likely at this point you do not have. What is the advantage thighs? First of all, the one that on them without any problems and achieve everything you have full control. Compared with ass also the fact that you have much less chance of it in the fat. Disadvantage? Its internal layout is a little tricky so here is a little more chance to inject something you do not. In addition, some substances a few days after application little hurt, which here has the effect of making you a bit limp. But this is not about anything extreme (although it must be added that there are substances that are not far to the extreme :-), but it will get even later. What is the advantage to applications gluteal muscles (buttocks)? First of all, the one that has a very homogeneous structure, and therefore the chance to stab unpleasant “things” below (but if you are extremely lucky to have a n.ischiadicus wiretapping, and here it is worth it!). Also, the application itself is less painful. Disadvantage, however, that the butt can not all achieved properly and becomes a necessity, be in possession of a loved one, who will help you with that. Someone does anyone have a … If you inject a substance after treatment hurts a little, then compared with the thighs not limp, but sitting on uncomfortable chairs you’ll probably feel a little … but otherwise it’s practice for nearly one and a final decision will be up to you . One thing that is very important and they should not forget it: this is where you need to rotate the application! If you do not, you will be out of oil in situ steroid accumulate and may result abces! Specific locations for the application, you can look at these pictures. The thigh is outside area (no upper which can easily hit-n.femoralis) for butt’s upper outer quarter.    


                           place where we apply anabolic steroids - Steroids4U.eu                   place where we apply anabolic steroids - Steroids4U.eu


3. Part: How to apply Anabolic steroids.

1. STEP: For application, choose a place where you in its course no one interfere. If you are in a place where you can surprise someone, you will only unnecessarily nervous and then the application can do stupid things. The selected area can bring everything you need to have it “by hand”. “All the necessary” encompasses the following things: ampule with the substance, originally packed needle (keep them rather more), originally packaged syringe packaging clean handkerchiefs or tampons, disinfect and patch.

2. STEP: Unpack the syringe so that, from the side of rod detach the back and the front of the packaging. Do not put the container completely gone, only approximately half the length.

3. STEP: Unpack the needle. Again Remove the rear and front of the pack again only a little, never the whole length. Needle with plastic cover Do not remove!

4. STEP: Now, hold the syringe, pull the whole package and push it onto the needle. She still wears like plastic cover, as well as his, halfway open container. Syringe must hold for the upper part, in any event, to touch her throat, in any case, that her neck or Never place. If you still accidentally touched, discard it and take another.

5. STEP: Now prepare the ampoule. Here there may be two cases – all-glass ampoule or ampoule with a rubber stopper.

A – In the case of all-glass ampule, you must (unless it is from the manufacturer), the narrowest point drink. This can serve as a nail file. Note that I wrote “drank” and not “overwrites”! Make a small incision is only that you follow these very easier breakage. Many substances have yet to notch himself has. For example, if you find a dot on the ampoule, then place directly below it can be found at its narrowest point cut in the strip around the neck, it is not cut all the way around.

(Just a note even if it is in your vial Winstrol, will probably be in the bottom sediment. Therefore, before you need to break even shake well!)

It now remains only to break the ampoule. Grab the top of one arm and the lower part of the second. In place of the incision is the easiest ampoule breaks, ie. just at that point you have to push.

At this point, you can postpone the ampoule on a flat surface, it is much better but still hold two fingers and those remaining with a syringe needle to prepare. About it but in paragraph 6-A and now we have to look more to the second type of ampoules.

B – If you ampoule with a rubber stopper, then remove this because it is designed to puncture. Here but beware! YOU punctured by a needle other than the one which then makes the application! I do not write “is recommended” or “it would be appropriate,” but “YOU” because if not, blunt needle first and second contaminate it and it is something that you simply, your body can not afford! Continued in Section 6-B.

6. STEP:

A – Now the very stretch of all-glass ampoules. As I said, at this point you have a broken ampoule put either on a flat surface or holding it with two fingers. Remove the top cover from the rest of the injection and the main plastic cover (it is possible, depending on the manufacturer, that it will have slightly rotated). At this point, if you have a bare needle, nothing touching it! If the error Reaching into her or touches the table or clothes, replace it with another. One tip is a question of one crown for potential health problems is definitely worth! With one hand, hold the pill, now, in her second dip needle and piston engine withdraw the entire contents. “All content” I say deliberately, because the glass ampule can not be dosed several times (from the vial with the rubber stopper). Finally, stretch a bit more air, get rid of it but only for a while (STEP 7).

B – Now to the actual stretch of the vial with a rubber stopper. The advantage is that it can remove such as only half the content, and the residue left for another day. The disadvantage is that you need a total of two needles. One is the application of a second to stretch the very substance of the ampoule. As you must first remove the small metal “hatch” from the top of the ampoule. Then grasp the prepared syringe with attached needle and remove it from both packages. Now insert the needle through the rubber stopper and withdraw the required amount of the substance. Again, here at the end stretch a bit of air, but how about the next step.

7. STEP: Now, remove the needle from the vial, and if you puncture the rubber cover or if you craned needle of a different type to use the application, replace the needle. How? First, pull the plunger back a little to get the needle all the content on it, then put the plastic cover and a twist to remove it from the syringe. Paying attention to your hands or anything else touching the neck of the syringe! It now (as described in steps 2-4) attach a new needle.

8. STEP: At this moment expel the air from the syringe so to put it in position pointing upwards, and slowly pushing the plunger until the needle appears the hill drop of liquid. If you remain bubbles in the syringe, you can do it gently knock. However, there may not be a stickler too, because a few of balls in the air muscle does not do anything wrong.

Then place the entire syringe plunger on a flat surface such as a desk or hold it in one hand (by the way, now the needle should not slip cover!), Meanwhile disinfect second place for the application. In practice, just sprayed the place as already mentioned SEPTONEX a freshly unpacked paper towel and wipe lightly wipe (not necessary). During this “operation” pay close attention to the syringe needle. It may not be anything to touch! Unless delayed by hand, then place it on a flat surface and place it by mistake disagreement. If capsizes and crashes, you have to replace the needle!

9. STEP: Now, prepare one or two handkerchiefs to be at hand and game, in which you apply, most release. Unless you keep clenched, unnecessarily increase the pain. Hold the syringe, zoom it to the point of application in a continuous motion-insert it into the muscle. The worst part is the piercing of the skin. If you’re afraid and you print very little, you will be the very first puncture a little hurt. However, three images continuously and needle punctures the skin, often not even feel a thing. There is nothing to worry about, whether fast or slow, yet it pierced once, so why add to the pain? Once you pass through the skin, go to the required depth. Required depth is third needle, but its almost full length! It is much less evil to go “to the bone” (it will happen soon anyway), how to apply grease or only slightly below the muscle fascia! Speed of movement still keep flowing if you go too slowly, you will feel that it always seems to stop something from it and generally not feeling well. Faster flowing movement is clearly better.

The moment you are in the required depth, you have to load the piston back piece, if you’re not in the vein. This must never, under any circumstances, forget it if you would send oil substance directly into a vein, you could stay only a few seconds of life! Back strain will not go very well, with one hand hold the syringe and the other a little pull. If you see air bubble, everything is fine. But if you see blood, stop stretching a one-handed grab in peace handkerchiefs ready. Now attach them around the needle, slightly pinch it and flick the other hand, remove the needle. At this point, tissues press on the place and moment to Remain. This will sooner or later likely to happen, it just keep cool and do not panic! If at the moment you notice blood, violently pulling needle, you have a decent likelihood that it will be followed by a spurt of blood. However, by attaching strong enough tissue, except for a small bruises all will be safe and sound. Now you have to apply elsewhere. If during this event needle touched something which was not, it must be replaced! It is also appropriate to print some blood that will probably be on the syringe.

10. STEP: If but only appeared in the syringe air bubbles, you can gently pushing the plunger to begin to apply. How fast? Generally indicates that the application of 1 ml of the substance should take about 10-20 seconds, though it will be slower, nothing happens. If you use thinner needles will not go even faster, as well as some of the substances in faster application little hurt. With that “slowness” but again, do not overdo it, because after a few tens of seconds you should start to shake hand and especially, you inadvertently move the needle in the muscle, so you can literally cut through the muscle fibers. The result would then be sore for a few minutes or hours after application.

11. STEP: The moment you are with the syringe plunger to the bottom, hold in one hand a paper towel, apply it and remove the needle. It may appear a few drops of blood, but also can not. Tissue can be the place for a few minutes gently massage it to improve the spread of the substance in the muscle and its subsequent absorption, and then you can sealed with prepared dressing. The patch is not required, even for the surroundings to your unnecessarily provocative, if you would but as soon as the application wanted to put on some clothes, any drop of blood would be noticeable too. After a few minutes, but no longer safe.

Only further note: after removing the needle of a syringe you can see a few drops of blood. At this point, you worry if you accidentally inject a vein, but know that at the bottom of the drop is completely normal and does not mean anything bad.

12. STEP: Now insert the needle back into the plastic casing with a syringe, ampoules and other things safely discarded.


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