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CrossFit is a training method that combines movement activities from gymnastics, stress and athletics. Very often it happens that athletes do not accept enough all the necessary nutrients that considers of their organism asks for frequent intensive training. In this article, we will highlight the need to receive nutrients, nutritional supplements, especially for crossfiters due to their very intensive body load.
What nutritional supplements enjoy training, after training, morning or evening? I will disassemble the individual basic components that are almost no need for repeated crossfit training. Right to the beginning I want to point out that it is supplemented by nutrition that work, provided that it is a sufficiently good diet rich in protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.

Protein for CrossFit

Protein or proteins are a base, building component of muscle mass. In addition to building muscles, they are suitable as a source of energy in lack of carbohydrates, while maintaining the correct hormonal balance in the body or as a muscle mass protection after training or during a diet. Therefore, it is appropriate to use proteins to supplement protein mainly after training or during the day when we are not easy to eat. The ideal protein after training is “rapidly absorbable” one is mainly about whey CFM isolate, whey isolate or concentrate.
I recommend my favorite protein and the highest quality I know from Reflex Nutrition: Instant Whey Pro, but I am simultaneously with another excellent protein from the Self’s Omninutrition Swedish brand: Micro Whey Active.
Also, in months when I try to receive the least dairy products is the most suitable pr3 protein from the leading and very high quality Purepharma Danish company.
Dosage: 20-30 g after training or during the day. Super is to take 20-30g right after awakening.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 are probably one of the world’s most used nutrition supplements and very legitimate. When a high-quality fish fat is the source, ideally from small sea fish, is a great investment within nutrition supplements. Most people combine them with improving cardiovascular problems, by reducing triglycerides and improved brain function. Well for athletes is mainly mainly in regeneration and as an anti-inflammatory mechanism without any side effects. Just at Crossfiters comes to Great fatigue thanks to the complexity of training, which can lead to an increased inflammatory process at insufficient regeneration. Omega 3 fatty acids are on it as created. When choosing quality OMEGA 3, the resource, the amount of EPA / DHA per dose and also a flavor. The last thing you would like to smell the mouth. The athlete should definitely get in the body about 2000mg a day.
I recommend a quality Denmark Purepharma brand that acquires Omega3 from the anchoviques and sardines and has a lemon extract, so it is not at all feels at the Rybacine. They offer suitable amounts of EPA / DHA (1300mg / 520mg) in a single dose, which will not get certainly in the ordinary pharmacy.

Zinc + Magnesium

These two minerals specially help faster regeneration. Magnesium acts releasing the nervous system, reduces exhaustion and fatigue and supports the correct muscle activity. In addition, it contributes to proper energy metabolism and normal protein synthesis. Zinc again helps repair damaged muscle fibers, but it supports the immune system but also accelerates wound healing, injuries and scars. Here is a very important source and a form of minerals, which results in their absorbability and functionality.
To replenish high quality magnesia and zinc I recommend M3 from Purepharma, which is a unique purity and quality.
Dosage: 900 mg magnesium and 45 mg zinc before bedtime.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is more hormone than vitamin. Is produced by the body in the absorption of sunlight. That is why most of us in our geographical coordinates does not gain plenty of vitamin D the natural way. We would have to be compressed every day for a few hours to get enough vitamin D. It helps to improve bone strength, reduces inflammation in the body, reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer, improves the mood, and helps combat infections and viruses. Recommended doses are not precisely determined, but is a scientifically proven positive impact of up to 10000 IU, which is an international unit for vitamin D. The recommended daily dose begins for 1000 and can be up to 5000 IU.
A suitable and unique source of vitamin D is a natural form of sheep wool (lanoline) supplied by the leading Denmark Purepharma in its D3 product. This product is associated with extra pure coconut oil for better absorbability.


Creatine increases muscle strength, helps increase performance during training. Probably the most discussed substance in terms of its effects on the organism is recently creatine. This substance is for some new miracles of medicine. Creatine we include substances that are helpful in increasing strength and muscle volume. Creatine represents the energy storage room and can be used very quickly as a direct power source for muscle work just like it is at ATP. Creatine is also a factor in removing an acidic environment from working muscles, leading to better regeneration and energy recovery. Do not forget to take a sufficient water supply to the organism when taking creatine.
Dosage: 5-10 g before or during the day.


Beta-Alanine increases muscle endurance during performance. Allows you to do a few repetition in a series of extra, just at the time when it goes into solid. In the energy cover of anaerobic glycolysis (mostly cross-phyte training) there is a decrease in physiological pH and release H + (hydrogen ions). It is just causing muscle pain with inability and ending activity. Each crossfitter knows what speech is. Beta-Alanine leads to higher carnosene synthesis that has a significant impact on performance. Carnosin helps stabilize pH in muscles and flashes faster H +.
Dosage: 2-3 g before training.

Amino acids BCAA

BCAA would certainly not be missed in the crossfiters supplementation because they help in an increase in clean muscle mass as well as its subsequent protection. They improve regeneration, reduce fatigue, are the source of energy during training, prevent muscle degradation. BCAA form branched amino acids leucine, valine, isoleucine, most often in ratio 2: 1: 1. There are also various BCAA products in other, better ratios such as 4: 1: 1 in favor of leucine, which largely provides protein synthesis.
I recommend you best BCAA in 4: 1: 1 


Arginine increases NO in the blood causing blood vessels. By doing so, the muscles, the faster transfer necessary nutrients to muscles and faster regeneration. Taking before bedtime helps secretion of anabolic hormones and as muscles grow during sleep, they will have everything they need.
Dosage: 3-6 g before training and 3 g before bedtime.

MCT oil

MCT oil is the ideal substitute for artificial energy drinks and carbohydrate dishes. To train efficient and best to support your metabolism, we need to confuse rapid carbohydrates for fast fats. These fats are quickly transported into the muscles and thus the immediate source of energy while training. Personally, we will always add a teaspoon of MCT oil in front of the training. It will give me energy for training while I will burn fat.
Dosage: 10-15ml MCT oil in the morning, best add to coffee. Better to start with a minor dose and gradually shaken to higher.

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