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Chicken meat is considered to be most effective in converting feed into protein. This is probably why chicken is one of the cheapest types of meat. The problem is that the mass behavior of chickens is unsustainable and causes enormous damage to these animals. There must be a much better alternative to chicken protein in the future. And with cricket farming, the future may be closer than you think.

Crickets are more efficient at making proteins than chickens

A study comparing crickets with chickens found that 450 grams of specialized poultry feed was sufficient to produce 260 grams of edible crickets and 190 grams of chickens. This is an impressive result, as chicken has benefited from 90 years of farming experience over 500 consecutive growing cycles on around 20 million chickens. In contrast, the authors completed only 3 growth cycles with approximately 50,000 crickets for this study. Just imagine what happens after the cricket breeders suddenly find the ideal food. Insect farming also has great potential in the field of automation and vertical farming. Crickets are a hope for the future, but nevertheless his breeding is still in its infancy and therefore its price is still high. However, there is a lot of research and a lot of people who are trying to make the price of cricket protein competitive.
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