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If you are looking for a way to promote wound healing after a burn or to rejuvenate your skin, perhaps the right way is vitamin E. In this article, you will read basic information about vitamin E, what its effects are and why it is needed in the body. You will also learn what foods to get it from and what can happen when you have a deficiency in your body.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble substance that can be stored in the liver, adipose tissue, heart, muscles, testes, uterus and adrenal glands. It is one of the tocopherols whose basic structure is tocol. We recognize α, β, γ, δ tocopherols, the effect of which depends on the number of methyl groups. Α tocopherol is the most effective. The biochemical significance of vitamin E is not yet fully understood, but it is generally accepted that tocopherols act as antioxidants.

Vitamin E plays a very important role as a naturally occurring antioxidant. Together with the antioxidant properties of vitamins A and C, they are very important in our body, mainly because they protect cell structures and organic molecules from damage by peroxidation. Vitamin E also helps in the treatment and prevention of NAFLD. The structure of lipids that contain polyunsaturated higher carboxylic acids creates suitable conditions for lipoperoxidation. Lipoperoxidation leads to the breakdown of lipid carboxylic acids and thus to damage the membrane structures of cells and tissues. Vitamin E reacts very quickly with free radicals, thus acting as a free radical scavenger, thus protecting polyunsaturated higher carboxylic acids. Vitamin E and all other antioxidants ultimately reduce mortality.

It dilates blood vessels, prevents blood from clotting

Reduces fatigue

Supports burn healing

Rejuvenates the skin

Increases sexual and physical performance

Relieves menstrual problems

Vegetable oils

Cereal sprouts







Consequences of the deficiency:

Shortening the half-life of erythrocytesDecreased activity of the immune systemMuscle disorders and lossDamage to cell membranesAnemiaInfertility

Daily dose:
The recommended daily dose for children is 5 – 12 mg and for adults 12 – 16 mg. The amount consumed depends on the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet, which means that more unsaturated fatty acids increase the need for vitamin E.
Are you surprised what effects vitamin E can have on your body?

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