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Build a background that will require attention! In this article, we will look at the physiology of the sciatic muscles and also provide you with exercises to help you develop them. Where to start ? What to do ? How do you build muscle without it being too much? How to achieve that round raised background shape? How to achieve that sexy side silhouette Many women want to have a firm, sexy belly and a firm ass. Fitness models want strong muscles combined with a round ass. The dream is to have a sexy ass that they can be proud of and that they can exhibit in bikinis, lingerie and those super tight party dresses, or even in their favorite jeans.

Physiology of sciatic muscles

To build the perfect sciatic muscles, you need to focus on every muscle in your butt. There are three muscles that make up the gluteal muscle:
Gluteus maximus – is the largest and of all the muscles of the buttocks is located most on the surface and forms most of the mass of the buttocks
Gluteus medius – is largely covered by the gluteus maximum
Gluteus minimus – is the largest and is found in the deepest of all gluteal muscles
Many muscles – such as Iliocostalis Lumborum, Multifidus and Quadratus Lumborum, Iliopsoas are located in the pelvic area and play a role in what the sciatic muscles look like, usually by contributing to the posture by acting on the pelvic tilt, etc.…
To build perfect sciatic muscles, you need to focus on your butt from many angles, and there are different types of exercises and activities you can do to develop each and every one of your gluteal muscles to achieve the desired perfect look.
Gluteus maximus – you train it with flexion in the lumbar joint (exercise)Gluteus medius – you practice it by pulling and laterally circling the thighGluteus minimus – just like gluteus medius

Squats – TOP 1 for sexy ass

If you want to build muscle, you should not refuse squats. One of the best exercises one can do! Squats naturally release more growth hormone and testosterone than any other resistance exercise. The more relaxed anabolic hormones, the greater the chance of muscle growth and the more gluteal muscles, the better your butt will look. Of course, we must not forget about the correct technical execution of the exercise. You can read about how to increase testosterone levels in our articles: How to increase testosterone, Testosterone and its natural production.


Although deadlift does not specifically target the gluteal muscles, it is a multi-joint, complex exercise and therefore works on multiple muscles, including the gluteal muscles. But more importantly, deadlift is one of the most important exercises you can perform to improve your posture. Improving posture can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your ass.

Deadlift on one leg

One-way exercise, deadlift on one leg working on the sciatic muscles in several planes, compared to classic deadlift, also adds to the variety in terms of training. Practicing sciatic muscles in multiple planes means that more muscle is targeted. The more targeted and trained muscles, the better the overall muscle development of the buttocks and the better the muscle development, the more beautiful and aesthetic it looks.


Lunges can be performed in different ways to focus on each muscle in your butt, and also develop and shape the rest of your lower body. Lunges on the spot are the most commonly performed type of lunge. Walking lunges are a progressive species derived from on-site lunges and involve a certain level of functionality that we can translate into normal daily life.
By using another level, side lunges add variety to your workout and not only can you focus specifically on quadriceps or hamstrings – but they also involve adductor muscles (pullers).


Using only your own weight or added weight, the outputs are an excellent exercise for the development of gluteal muscles, and you also exercise your legs with them – more quadriceps or hamstring, depending on how high you perform.


You use the gluteus maximus when climbing stairs and running, so these activities are perfect for developing muscles. Climbing stairs or on the spot or sprinting will help you achieve a firm, round buttocks.


Have you ever seen a sprinter with a hanging ass? No, because their training causes completely opposite results. Strength and explosiveness, speed, anaerobic destruction of the body at intervals, training of legs and gluteal muscles. Sprinters are among the cleanest muscles in the world, their training methods make sprinting perfect cardio, which will help you to have sufficiently clean muscles and shape your butt according to your ideas.

Summary for sexy ass

Building and shaping your sciatic muscles so that they sit high enough, are hard and muscular, round enough and give your figure that perfect silhouette is not impossible, and with the inclusion of a few different exercises in your program, you can also have a sexy shaped fitness model’s ass.
The exercises that develop each of the gluteal muscles and focus on them from every angle are the best and they are squats, deadlifts, deadlifts on one leg, lunges on the spot, lunges in walking, lunges to the sides and ascents. Stairs and sprinting can also be used as part of a strength training program to shape the gluteal muscles of the buttocks you desire.
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