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How To Gain Muscle Mass If You Are An Ectomorph? | Steroids4U.eu

But you exercise but you can’t gain muscle mass? Do you have thinner, longer limbs and a narrower key bone structure, so you have an Ectomorph character type? This is exactly what this article is for you! You learn how best to gain muscle mass.

A person who has difficulty gaining muscle actually has a naturally “smaller” body structure, a lighter bone structure and low body fat and muscle. Starting a bodybuilding career with this somatotype is not ideal. Keep in mind that these types of somatotypes – ectomorphs, mesomorphs or endomorphs – are not completely strict. This means that you can also be a combination between these somatotypes. First, we will make a quick overview of the three somatotypes and write down their accompanying characteristics.

Thinner, long limbs and narrow key bone structure. He has a problem gaining muscle mass and fat.
MESOMORPHNatural athlete. Natural bodybuilder. It has a wide structure of key bones and a smaller structure of the hips and a congenital so-called X-shape. This person easily gains muscleand can also easily burn body fat.
ENDOMORPHIt has a naturally heavier body structure with a tendency to easily accumulate body fat and muscle. It has wider hips and shoulders.

How does ectomorph gain in muscle mass?

Many other factors are also involved in the response, such as:
eating habits
type and intensity of training load
taste receptor sensitivity
nutrient utilization metabolism
intestinal environment and the associated absorption of nutrients
hormonal balance and associated productivity of anabolic hormonesand so on
If you are called. “Hardgainer”, so you typically have a weak appetite and you are naturally weaker in terms of muscle strength. This means that you should give priority to planning your diet and regular diet, and daily training with dumbbells should become a habit in your case. As the “hardgainer” slowly but surely receives enough food and manages the technique of old school Olympic strokes, his increase in muscle mass and strength will inevitably increase.
Over time, progression slows down due to the body’s inability to understand greater food consumption and lifting heavier weights without risking injury.
We therefore have a few ideas that could help you.
The whole meal is great, but not when the “hardgainer” has a weak appetite. We would recommend three servings of the whole meal and three cocktails. Three whole meals should be relatively low in terms of trace elements. In fact, nutritious foods supplemented with trace elements could better saturate the “hardgainer” appetite.
Combine diet with protein and in case you have a job where it is not possible to prepare a drink, or you do not have time / you do not have space, have protein bars at hand, which will ensure energy intake at a time when you would have to miss one course.


Don’t be afraid to drink food. We know that you have heard that a whole good meal is better and we agree with you, but sometimes eating 100 grams of carbohydrates and 80 grams of protein in an already saturated state is not feasible. We have found that carbohydrates, for example in the form of corn starch, are an affordable choice of carbohydrates, in combination with a whey protein powder mixture.
COMBINE CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEINSDon’t be afraid of glycemic load, or glycemic index of carbohydrates or mixtures of carbohydrates and proteins. Eating meals that consist of cereals and whole coconut milk mixed with whey protein isolate is a perfect example of a meal.


Supplement your diet with herbs that will increase your cravings. Horca root extract, also known as hot herb, regulates digestion and rejuvenates the liver. Echinacea is known mainly for its ability to support immunity and for stimulating saliva secretion and aiding digestion. This herb also has hemp-like effects, thanks to ingredients called alkylamines that work together with cannabinoid receptors in the brain that affect appetite.


Change your training program every six weeks to give your muscles a new boost. All of these six-week programs should focus on free weights, as free weights stimulate the body’s overall hypertrophy and expand the favorable production of endogenous hormones.

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