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How to work out if you work 9-5

How to work out if you work 9-5

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24 Apr 2023

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You know what it’s like, trying to fit in your life around a 9 to 5 job. Shopping, running errands, school runs, and the like eat up your time like nothing on earth. 

So how are you supposed to fit in a workout around your daily routine? 

The problem for many is that the “things that get in the way” tend to be used as excuses not to work out. 

“There’s not enough time” and “I’m too tired” are the biggest excuses. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits, such as sticking a ready meal in the microwave as there’s no time to cook. 

Add to that, the buffest guys in the gym tend to spend all their time there, so how on earth are you supposed to achieve your goals alongside a 9-5 job?

The key to slaying the beast and not allowing your job to interrupt your fitness journey is planning well in advance and being creative with your time. There’s no reason why the 9-5 should get in the way of exercising regularly, and we lay out some plans below for you to get it done. Whether you want to shred weight or pack on the muscle, we’ll find the time for you.


Your exercise plan should be flexible. There are plenty of myths about morning workouts, but so long as you warm up properly, they are your best bet for getting it done. Perhaps one of the best reasons to work out before work is that you don’t have to look for excuses during the day for why you won’t have time later. It also increases your heart rate and is a great way to prepare you for the day ahead, especially if you have a particularly stressful job. 

One of the best feelings after a workout is the high you get when getting dressed after a shower. The workout high is a great way to start the day. If you’re a particularly early riser, you can have breakfast an hour before; otherwise, working out on an empty stomach is fine. 

Just make sure you pack a protein shake and a banana or, better still, a protein smoothie packed with protein powder and fruit to replenish your system, boost your energy levels, and help to fast-charge repair your damaged muscles.


This might be some with time constraints, but it’ll be a nice bonus if you can exercise during lunch. Anything from a walk upward is acceptable and will help decrease stress levels. 

If you are feeling up to it, your lunch hour is a great way to fit in a short but high-intensity workout. Short workouts a good too. Twenty minutes of (High-Intensity Interval Training) HIIT is a short workout and a great way to pack a decent workout into a short space of time and recharge your batteries.


Using your journey to and from the office as a means of exercise will depend very much on how close you live to your work and your fitness level. Running or cycling to work and back is a great way to utilize your commuting time. 

Another idea is to run to your office and cycle back, then cycle to work and run back the next day. If you live particularly far away, you could always get transport to drop you at a distance a bit nearer and go from there. Using your commute to exercise means you will get the most challenging part of your day out of the way before work hours start, and you will start work feeling energized.


Going to the gym eats up time, but if you can go to the gym on the way to work or even during your lunch hour, it will manage your time more efficiently. It is a great way to fit in some serious workouts during the day. 

When you work out will depend on your hours and the time of day you prefer to work out. Some prefer to get the workout done and dusted early, and others like to use it to destress after working hours.


Regular exercise means keeping the momentum going. If you have a seated job, see if you can change to a standing desk. 

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular, and burning calories as you work is a good choice. It can’t be classified as a workout, but it is a far healthier option than sitting down all day.


Part of your workout plan should be choosing the correct diet. If you’re working out early, have some fresh fruit, granola bars and protein smoothies to hand to make sure you don’t pack in too many calories to overcompensate for your hunger. Prepare food ahead of time so that you know that the food you’ll reach for when your body needs replenishing will be healthy.

Getting fit means taking responsibility for your body. This means not making excuses as to why you don’t have the time to exercise or look after your nutritional intake. You can choose not to workout for many reasons, but the daily 9-5 shouldn’t be one of them. Working around your hours is possible, and managing your time more effectively is the way forward.


Trying to fit in a workout routine alongside a full time job is tiring. You don’t want to fall asleep during the day! 

Your sleep quality shouldn’t be neglected whether you’re a morning person or a night owl. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.


If you’re short on time, it’s even more essential to ensure you take the right supplements alongside a healthy diet. A decent supplement can help to fast-track you towards your goals, and it will also help to add to your nutritional support, which means you’ll not be as likely to crave the wrong kind of food in-between meals.

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