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Product name: Kamagra Jelly Women


Manufacturer: Ajanta (India)



Medicinal product subject to medical prescription.  

Action:  Ladies feel sex for 5 minutes after taking them, as blood flow to the genitals and sensitivity in the vaginal area increases. This in turn leads to an increase in the degree of pleasure during sexual intercourse and sexual stimulation. Kamagra jellies eliminate the so-called sexual coldness and symptoms of dry vagina. During sex it causes even intensity, reaching a turbulent passion. Repeatedly increases the sensitivity of intimate zones and chest, fluid secretion and sexual arousal, resulting in uncontrollable desire and very strong and multiple orgasms in the woman.

Admission: Jellies are designed to provide sexual satisfaction to women seeking maximum pleasure. Extend and amplify orgasms. If you want to regain the pleasure of sex and experience a shattering orgasm and not one, use this fabulous product and everything will be better than good. It is recommended that the gel be taken with liquid before the sexual act. The effect occurs after 10 minutes.

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  1. Jenn122

    A highly recommended product for everyone. Thank you for your quick delivery

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