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Protein-Heavy Foods to Include In Your Memorial Day Cookout

Protein-Heavy Foods to Include In Your Memorial Day Cookout

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22 May 2023Admin Steroids4U.eu

Protein is essential to your daily diet, whether bulking or cutting. It can help you build muscle, fill you up, or keep the hunger at bay so you don’t overdo it on the calorie front. 

If you’re digging out the grill this Memorial Day, ready for the summer season, then you might be looking for high-protein foods to fire on the grill. Delicious foods will keep you feeling full and on track toward your goals no matter what they are. 

So here are some of our favorite high-protein foods to enjoy with friends and family at this year’s Memorial Day cookout. 


Hamburgers and hot dogs are staples of most cookouts, but processed foods aren’t the best for your health. 

And it’s worth considering the protein-to-calorie ratio; for example, hot dogs do contain some protein – but in comparison to the calories, it’s quite a low amount. If getting a big hit of protein is high on your list, then there are better options for your cookout. 

So, here are some of our favorite high-protein foods, that are a good balance of health and protein…


No cookout is complete without a burger, right?

And luckily, burgers are something that can easily be made healthy, with a high protein level, by choosing quality meats. Choose quality, fresh meats over processed freezer burgers, or take control and make your own. 

You can go for the classic beef burger, or if you want to keep things a little leaner, options such as venison, tuna or chicken are great for filling up on protein but keeping the calories low. 

Pop it all in a bun with some onions, tomatoes and relish for a good balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats, with some fiber for added health. 


Skewers are a great way to get some protein as well as pack in some vegetables. Add meat such as chicken, pork, turkey or even shellfish such as prawns. 

In between the meat, add in a couple of vegetables like peppers, onions, zucchini or eggplant to bulk it up and add some fiber. 


Who doesn’t love a wing?

Skip the fried chicken wings and throw them on the grill for a healthy protein option. You can marinate them in a sauce and opt for homemade if you are watching the calories rather than sugar-filled store-bought sauces. 


Of course, no grill is complete without the addition of a big juicy steak, and the good news is that this is a heavy hitter when it comes to protein. 

Red meat is generally high in protein anyway, and steak is one of the most protein-rich foods, with over 50g of steak in an 8oz serving. Perfect on the grill for a big friends and family cookout. 


You don’t just want to fill up on protein, so creating some delicious sides to accompany these high-protein dishes is important. Adding some carbs and vegetables is a good idea to balance the dish. 

Some ideas are:Potato saladGreen vegetable medley (spinach, peas, broccoli)Greek SaladMacaroni saladGrilled watermelon

Remember, watch your calories if you are trying to cut, and don’t overload your plate. However, don’t worry too much it’s only one day, and you can eat what you want and get back on the wagon the next day.


Getting enough protein is crucial if you are looking to build muscle or cut down on fat, and even on days when food is the central focus, such as Memorial Day, you can ensure that you load up on protein. 

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