8 activities after each training | Steroids4U.eu

We bring you 8 basic activities that you should do after each training. These activities will help you regenerate your body better and faster after training, improve your immunity, increase your performance in sports and, last but not least, you will feel much better. 1 ALLOW THE BODY TO COOL It is important to cool […]

Cardio weight training | Steroids4U.eu

How to lose weight effectively through cardio training? The most common answer to this question is: do cardio exercise for a long time with low intensity. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective way. This is just a brief truth, but regardless of a few facts of this training. Increase the intensity of training and […]

Why and how much protein | Steroids4U.eu

Proteins are nitrogenous compounds that form the basic building block of the human body. Proteins are composed of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. The minimum protein intake for a normal person without physical exertion is 0.6 – 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This is to maintain a balance […]

Gainer – carbohydrates needed by our body | Steroids4U.eu

Carbohydrates or sugars are an important part of our diet, as are proteins or fats. We most often encounter the term simple (monosaccharides) or complex (polysaccharides) sugars. The most well-known natural polysaccharides include starches and fiber, as well as muscle glycogen. One of the most widely used carbohydrates or gainers is maltodextrin, which is composed […]

Creatine and its effects | Steroids4U.eu

Creatine and its effects Creatine is one of the best studied nutritional supplements. It is an effective substance and our own substance. Creatine is recommended by many authors. Athletes use it to increase strength, explosiveness, muscle volume and overall performance. What is creatine Creatine is a derived amino acid from arginine, glycine and methionine found […]

Minerals and trace elements suitable for athletes | Steroids4U.eu

Minerals and trace elements suitable for athletes Minerals and trace elements play an important role in the human body. They act as electrolytes, which ensure the exchange of nutrients between the cells and the extracellular environment. The imbalance between the body’s mineral content and body fluids can be caused by high or prolonged sweating. For […]