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What foods are high in protein? | Steroids4U.eu

Animal foods such as fish, meat, eggs and dairy products have the most protein in the human diet. The most popular sources of protein for athletes are clearly lean steaks, venison, skinless chicken or turkey breast, ostrich, tuna, eggs and cottage cheese or yogurt.
Beef steak on average contains about 23 grams of protein per 100 grams per serving, while the same amount of pork provides 26 grams of protein and chicken provides about 24 grams. Meat usually contains all nine essential amino acids that our bodies need to get from food.
Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds contain significant amounts of protein, but individually usually do not have one or more of the nine essential amino acids. Experienced vegans and vegetarians know that they need to supplement these incomplete proteins with some complete protein.
However, if you eat a diet that includes a wide variety of plant proteins, you probably don’t have to worry about having to supplement your protein with each serving. Sources of high quality vegetarian protein include quinoa, buckwheat, hemp seed, chia seeds, soy, Ezekiel bread, mycoprotein (Quorn), rice and beans, many grains or nuts, humus and pita bread, a good old peanut butter sandwich. Even green vegetables like broccoli and asparagus offer a decent amount of protein.
Many vegetarians and vegans also use vegetable powder proteins to help ensure sufficient amounts of essential amino acids and proteins in general. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to occasionally use mixed sources of vegetarian proteins, such as a powder, which also contains pea protein with rice protein and also covers all their amino acid needs.
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