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Any physical or sports activity means a higher energy expenditure for the body. Higher energy expenditure, however, does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight. A number of other factors also play a role in weight loss, such as energy intake, hormonal balance, basal metabolism, biological aspects, type, frequency and intensity of physical activity.
There are many ways to lose weight through exercise or exercise. Don’t know what training is best for weight loss? We most often meet with recommended trainings such as: running or other cardio training, HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, strength or strength training, crossfit, circular training, exercise with your own body, or training on the TRX suspension system and the like.
Every coach and advisor says something different. Everyone promotes their weight loss training. Some argue that cardio is best, while others do strength training. Each type of physical activity has its benefits. It is important to combine this so that we make the most of weight loss, so that we understand the principles of all exercises, respect the physiological processes in the body and use it for weight loss.
In this article, we will talk more about the benefits of strength training, which indicators of strength training are most beneficial and affect weight loss. In the following articles, you will learn more about cardio training, crossfit training and other types of sports activities in relation to weight loss.

Why weight training for weight loss?

Strength or strength training in which you do a standard 8-15 repetitions in series for different muscle groups should be an integral part of physical activity during weight loss. The biggest advantage of this training over cardio training is the formation of active muscle mass. Muscle mass is a major “consumer” of energy. Therefore, you also have a higher basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is the expenditure of energy you consume in 24 hours at rest. In layman’s terms: even if you do nothing, such as sleeping, you still consume much more energy than when your muscles are weak and inactive.

Does fat burning and strength training?

During an hour of strength training, you will burn more energy from sugars (glycogen) and less from fats, but this does not mean that you will not lose fat in the end. On the contrary, during regeneration after strength training, you will burn much more fat than sugar. Regeneration after classical strength training for an individual muscle part lasts approximately 24 – 48 hours. During this time, you burn more fat than if you didn’t have strength training. And it is this demanding regeneration together with higher basal metabolism that is the main physiological advantage of fat burning during strength training.


If you want your strength training to be as effective as possible for fat burning, you don’t have to do 15 repetitions at all costs. The time when the simple rule of 15 repetitions for weight loss applied, 8-12 repetitions for muscle growth is long gone. The difference between making 8 or 15 reps is insignificant and more needs to be done. In terms of training methodology, there are much more important factors that affect higher energy expenditure and weight loss, such as:
Practice each series until exhausted (within your capabilities). This means that if you have to do 10 repetitions, it should look like you will no longer be able to do 11 repetitions, of course, following the correct technique of the exercise.
Exercise especially large muscle areas such as legs, back, chest. If you strengthen large muscle areas, you burn more energy and regeneration is also more demanding in terms of fat loss.
In training, prefer complex (multi-joint) exercises over isolated (single-joint) exercises. Complex exercises are those where movement in several joints occurs in one repetition. These are exercises such as: squats, lunges, deadlifts, relocations, crossbars, cranks, handrails, bench press, shoulder pressure, dumbbell expressions, dreams and the like. With complex exercises, you will involve more muscle parts in the activity, which will ensure much higher energy expenditure and exercise intensity.
Include combined series in strength training. One combined series consists of two exercises for different muscle groups performed without a break.
Perform strength training at least 2-3 times a week. It is also suitable to combine with cardio training 3 times a week.
As a type of strength training, it is appropriate to include other often more demanding trainings such as: strength-endurance training, crossfit or elements from crossfit training, HIIT, circle training, training on the TRX suspension system and similar types of strength load.

Nutrition is a big part of the effectiveness of training and weight loss

To support and accelerate regeneration and to build active muscle mass, it is important to receive a sufficient amount of necessary nutrients such as: proteins, minerals, amino acids, BCAAs, vitamins, antioxidants and the like. In most cases, the intake of these nutrients from the normal diet is insufficient. As a rule, the higher the physical demands on the body, the higher the nutrients. Due to the lack of nutrients, training can be ineffective, the body does not have time to regenerate completely, gets into mental discomfort, is more prone to disease, overtraining and subsequently there is a loss of muscle mass. We recommend supplementing nutrients in the form of nutritional supplements.


With a protein drink, you will ensure a sufficient supply of protein during strength training. The principle of strength training is to damage muscle cells. For fast and high-quality muscle recovery, we recommend the selection of high-quality protein drinks with a minimum sugar content, which help lose weight:
Instant Whey Protein
You can also consume these low-energy protein drinks as a substitute for bedtime during weight loss.


During intense training, muscle mass can be lost in order to gain energy. BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) and glutamine are the only amino acids that in this case become a protein source of energy and thus a “muscle protector”. Their supplementation before and after training is so that the body does not have to draw this protein source from muscle mass.


Try a fat burner that works by increasing thermoregulation. Your body will produce more heat, thus ensuring a higher expenditure of energy from fat stores. Due to the large number of different burners and the difficult orientation between the active ingredients.

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