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Prenatal health has been a hot topic lately and there are many reports that offer seemingly conflicting information and advice.

First, there has been a publication that states that supplementation with prenatal multivitamins and supplements during pregnancy has reduced the risk of miscarriage by up to 55%. Further research concluded that a multivitamin containing iron and folic acid reduces the risk of preterm birth. On the contrary, there is guidance on the use of supplements during pregnancy, which states that supplements are an unnecessary expense for most mothers. It was later stated that vitamin D and folic acid are essential supplements for the mother. A lot of this information can be a bit confusing, so we’d better look at the facts. Basically, the most important is a varied diet of the freshest possible food. A number of studies have addressed the value of nutrients and their physiological effects on neonatal development and the reduction of the risk of adverse health consequences, which include:


DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is considered to be a major building block for fetal and child brain development. Maternal DHA intake contributes to the normal brain development of the fetus and breastfed infants. In addition, at optimal DHA levels, the risk of postnatal depression is reduced. Nevertheless, the levels found in common multivitamins for pregnant women do not contain sufficient DHA, and therefore additional DHA supplementation is recommended if there is insufficient intake from the daily diet.


You will get the active ingredient DHA in the required amount only in high-quality nutritional supplements. As DHA is found in omega 3, it is important to pay attention to the high quality of the product’s processing in order to ensure that omega 3 does not contain other toxic substances, as is the case with cheaper unprocessed forms of fish oil. We recommend the highest quality products with a high content of DHA from the company Reflex Nutrition – Omega 3 (220 mg DHA) or the unique first BIO certified fish oil in the world originating from Scandinavian rainbow trout from the company Viridian with a content of up to 370 mg DHA.


Preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder of unknown origin, characterized by vasospasm, increased blood pressure, and increased neuromuscular irritability. These are also symptoms common to magnesium deficiency syndrome. Research has shown that serum calcium, zinc and magnesium levels in preeclamptic pregnant women are lower than in uncomplicated pregnancies, and it is the addition of these components to the diet that can be a valuable prevention of preeclampsia. Again, the levels required to meet the therapeutic dose do not usually occur in the pregnancy multivitamin, so another supplement is needed if the person does not take enough of these substances from the diet.


It is important to mention the chelated form of zinc and magnesium. Cheaper and lower quality forms that contain zinc in the form of sulfate or oxide are minimally useful to the body. In addition, zinc sulfate can irritate the stomach.








Prefer a zinc source that is bound in chelates to amino acids or other elements. A special form of the highest quality ZMA product – Zinc Matrix is ​​the patented form of zinc and magnesium Albion®. Bound to bisglycinate which is the most bioavailable form for the body. This form contains a unique product from the company Reflex Nutrition – Zinc Matrix. Albion® minerals are the most bioavailable in the world.


Studies have shown that vitamin C has the ability to affect glucose tolerance during pregnancy, so women who consumed less than 70 mg of vitamin C per day had an 80% higher risk of developing gestational diabetes compared to women who consumed higher amounts of vitamin C. This multi-component The vitamin also contributes to the absorption of iron, thus helping to prevent anemia.


We recommend a highly effective and absorbable form of vitamin C. Ester-C is a pH-neutral form of vitamin C in which vitamin C is buffered to make it more gentle on the stomach. Especially at higher doses. Ester-C is absorbed faster and works longer than regular vitamin C.


With its purity and composition, this product meets the parameters of the Kosher category

All ingredients are 100% active

Only the form of quality capsules of plant origin is used, containing “free” powder (Viridian Nutrition brand does not use the form of cheaper tablets due to the high content of ballast “binders and adhesives”, which can make up to 50% of the tablet)

The product does not contain genetically modified or irradiated components

Does not contain ingredients of animal origin: suitable for vegans

Does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, wheat gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugars, yeast, magnesium stearate, stearic acid


B vitamins are recognized for their involvement in energy production, DNA synthesis and hormone production, and it is this broad group of vitamins that is needed during pregnancy. In addition, there is evidence that vitamin B6 deficiency is associated with disease.


Folic Acid (B6) with DHA from Viridian is especially suitable for pregnant women. Supports the fetus during pregnancy, suppresses fatigue and depression, detoxifies. Folic acid or folic acid is one of the B vitamins. It is mostly found in vegetables, but in many cases it is lost during heat treatment, so it is recommended in the form of food supplements, which have much higher bioavailability than food. Folic acid is associated with many fundamental processes in the human body – its effects and influence have been described many times and are very well known.

Behind the acronym DHA is docosahexaenoic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is usually found, for example, in fish oil, but DHA from Viridian is a plant source and is therefore also suitable for vegans.


By consuming a wide range of healthy, fresh foods during pregnancy, you can ensure the intake of various nutrients that will help ensure the overall health of both the mother and her baby. The World Health Organization recommends taking folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy. Folic acid helps prevent nerve tube defects (spina bifida) and vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, which are needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth.Steroids4U.eu | Online Steroid Shop – Buy Steroids – Cheap Steroids for sale
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