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To choose the best fat burner, the most important thing is to understand the principle of how they work. Fat burners are usually a combination of stimulants such as caffeine or synephrine and natural herbs. At present, various healthy fats such as CLA, omega 3 and the like are also represented among efficient burners.

How does a fat burner work?

The fat burner generally contains a precisely calculated ratio of ingredients that slightly increase body temperature and increase metabolism, thereby increasing energy expenditure, suppressing appetite and directly promoting fat burning with essential fatty acids. Some burners regulate thyroid hormones or promote the activity of enzymes responsible for digesting carbohydrates, which means that we can consume more carbohydrates without affecting our weight.

How and when to dose a fat burner?

Follow the instructions on the product packaging. If you plan to use fat burners for a long time, use them in two-week cycles, which means that you use the burner for 14 days and take 14 days off.
The burners are best used in the morning or in the morning or before training. It depends on the type of product. Be sure to avoid using burners in the evening or at bedtime if you do not want to wander for several hours until you fall asleep.


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Which of the many options is right for me?

Every year, a lot of money is wasted on fat burners because a lot of people who don’t play sports at all and eat completely poorly buy them. The fat burner is very effective if you want to get rid of excess fat, but without training and diet modification, it will not work.
Now that you understand how fat burners work, how and when they are used, we will help you choose the right one.
Make sure you buy a product from a reputable brand that makes nutritional supplements. Also avoid the miracle pills that are so often advertised on the Internet and without training and dietary adjustments promise you a loss of 7 kg per week! These miracle pills from unknown manufacturers, often offering only one product, usually have a weak effect and can have negative consequences for your health.
I often get a question from my clients, customers and acquaintances which burner is the best. From all that are available with us, I chose 4 verified. I chose them based on my own experience and I also followed the ranking of the best-selling burners in the USA, Europe in our e-shop and in the stone shop.
The main difference between selected fat burners and others that are available on the market is the unique blend of ingredients. All are from trusted companies. I am sure that these selected burners will help you achieve the highest loss of unwanted fat in the safest possible way. Don’t forget to combine them with proper diet and training!

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