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Many people don’t like leg day, but the truth is that you should actually have more leg training. See why and use these types for leg training!
In practice, I usually come across the opinion that we should train our feet only once a week, but this is not true! You curse them, you fight them, and then you always try to manage the debilitating pain for the next three or four days. You repeat the same stereotypical cycle of necessity every week, although you still find time to experiment with 274 ways to train your biceps and chest. So listen well! You are depriving yourself of serious gains in your legs and other muscle groups. You need to train smarter by training your legs more often. I promise you that it will help you with additions EVERYWHERE. In our article you will learn how.

How often to train your legs

Frequency is a key component of quality training. Together with intensity and volume, frequency (frequency) serves as one of the pillars of program design. By controlling these variables, you can set specific goals, regenerate, and maximize your body’s ability to adapt to strength training. Even though you may already know all this, you probably still waste too much time thinking and worrying that:
What if you’re overtraining
How many times can you train your hands in a three-day periodAnd why “leg day” is so terribly difficult
And you probably don’t spend enough time worrying about the essentials:
Optimizing the frequency of your training for all parts of the bodyFoot training more often than once a week

Hot news

If you want to really grow, you need to train your legs at least twice a week. Research has shown that the golden way to maximize hypertrophy (muscle growth) involves training each muscle group at least twice a week. Many researchers argue that this is related to the mTOR pathway, which is responsible for regulating protein synthesis.
Good training stimulates an increase in protein synthesis (and thus muscle building) for a maximum of 48 hours before returning to basics. The peak increase usually occurs within 24 hours, from this time range. Take these findings into account when choosing or designing your program. When you are trying to gain in size, your goal should be to use training and nutrition while maintaining a constant level of increased protein synthesis. Think of each workout as an incremental on / off switch. The longer this switch is turned on, the more muscle you are able to build. Are you starting to see what all this has to do with foot training more than once a week? If not, read on! After all, it all lacks systemic growth and regeneration.
Hormonal gradation, which is the result of intensive training, is an important part of growth and regeneration. However, there is not enough knowledge about it. You have to USE it. This is especially important for natural exercisers who rely entirely on the internally produced anabolic ingredients. Exercises targeting multiple muscle groups (such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts) stimulate greater growth in testosterone and growth hormone, compared to smaller isolation movements. What is missing here is the fact that growth hormone and testosterone are not local hormones. Yes, the muscles you have recently trained are more sensitive to them, but the systemic effect of these strong anabolic components cannot be ignored. We, who are going for it in a natural way, need as much help as we can. The higher testosterone levels, the more muscle you can build, EVERYTHING! It is not a statement, it is not a theory, it is a physiological fact. The best part is that you can increase your testosterone naturally.
Exercising squats, leg presses, and deadlifts increase testosterone and growth hormone levels more than a biceps lift or triceps pulley. These elevated testosterone and growth hormone levels later lead to faster regeneration and greater potential for systemic growth. The research is clear and leads to a very clear conclusion: If size matters (why not), you need to train your legs more often.

How to train your legs properly

It’s time to treat your feet as if they actually made up half of the pure mass of your body. Fortunately, their training is quite clear. They tend to react quickly when subjected to an adequate training load and do not require a variety of strength equipment.

I’ll even give you an example program to begin with. A great way to increase the frequency of your leg workouts is to set one day each week when your hamstrings (back thigh muscles) will dominate and one day when your front thigh muscles will dominate your workouts. It’s a great method when you’re already training your legs once a week, as it allows you to have extra time to regenerate. Your hamstrings can still be sore when it’s time for the front thigh muscles after a few days.

A few things to keep in mind:

Repeat these exercises for 4 weeks, adding weight if necessary.Keep rest intervals between sets of 30-45 seconds. It will be annoying.For each exercise, choose the weight with which you will achieve technical failure.The purpose is important. Deliberately perform isolation movements at the beginning of a workout to activate your target muscles and connect to the volatile muscle mind.Be persistent, get to work and the results will show.
Legs A (dominant are the front thigh muscles)
Exercise Repetition Series
1. Digging 4 25 *2. Front squats 5 20, 12, 12, 8, 83. Bulgarian squat 4 15, 12, 12, 84. Large barbell squats 3 20 * *5. Walking laps with own weight 1,100 in total * * ** For the last set, pause at the top of each repetition
** No rest at the top, stop sign down
*** Add 20 repetitions each week
Legs B (hamstrings and sciatic muscles are dominant)
Exercise Repetition Series
1. Burial 5 10      2a. Romanian deadlift 4 12      2b. Hyperextension for gluteus 4 15 *3. Lung lunges (large steps) 4 A total of 30 steps4. Sumo leg press 4 25, 15, 15, 10* 2 second isometric hold on top
Enjoy scooping and good luck in finding jeans that will fit you like a glove. However, pay attention to the correct execution of each exercise, especially the technical execution of the squat, but about it later.
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