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Why haven’t you managed to lose weight yet? The psychologist Petra Kaločayová, who is very close to sports, advises. As can be seen in a crowded gym, at the beginning of the new year, many people probably decided to lose weight and start playing sports. However, those who go to it regularly can also see that over time, the onslaught of people decreases. We people have a natural tendency to improve, to look to a better version of ourselves. However, we often come across ingrained patterns, conditioned reactions written deep inside us, habits that we have been building for many years. If we have lived in a certain way for years, in most cases the change will not happen from day to day. If you want to lose weight, start exercising, or you are a coach who works with such people will help you if you know the “background” of the change. You will understand yourself and other people better.

How to lose weight? Change does not happen overnight, it is a long-term process

On Facebook or Instagram, we follow people who have decided to make their dreams come true and have changed for a better version of themselves. However, most of the time we see only the final product of their work, which can give us the confusing impression that they simply have an amazing life. Their change also cost effort, and their journey may have been long and winding. The change is PROCESS.
People on the path to change go through different stages. They stay in them for various lengths of time, but the laws do not change.


We know it. We have a friend or family member whose whole neighborhood sees that he has an unhealthy lifestyle or is overweight, but he does not admit it. We tried to call him to the gym several times, or we offered him “our food for rabbits”. We met with rejection, ridicule or resistance. Their answer was, “Don’t tell me what to do,” or “I don’t mind my fat, at least I’m not cold. They should gain weight, you look awful. ”They send us pictures with quotes that support their perception of reality“ how can I be poor, because I’m a woman of gold, with iron nerves nerv ”
People at this stage are focused on their stereotypical lifestyle, they do not want to change or think, they are not aware that their behavior has a negative impact on their health. Their psyche did not allow them to change anything. Since they do not see unhealthy habits, there is no motivation to change them.
If an overweight person starts exercising at this stage, it is usually because they are forced by their surroundings. As a result, it can easily happen that he sees no meaning in exercise or weight loss, he will not want it, he will cancel his trainings or cheat his diet and secretly push the captured bar in the toilet.
Each of us is in a certain area in this “blind” zone, where our behavior did not sound problematic and we need to “mature” in order to see it.


Unexpectedly, a friend becomes interested in what and where we practice. Suddenly he watches our exercise posts page. He asks why we practice, sometimes it sounds like an investigation. However, we will probably not see him in the gym in the near future.
At this stage, people already admit that they should lose weight or start dieting. They are aware of the seriousness of the situation, they know that it would be good to have a healthy lifestyle. So far, however, they have not decided to go to the event, visit a gym, or put broccoli on a plate. “Yes, I know I should lose weight, but” is their common sentence, and they’ll tell us a thousand reasons why it’s not possible (they don’t have time, money). This stage is characterized by decision-making, consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss or exercise. Hesitation is normal and natural.
Tip: To support a person who is at this stage, look for the subjective benefits of weight loss and exercise with him.


Our friend may have bought her first sports t-shirt because she decided to train, she may already have her own season ticket, but it doesn’t work out for her, she was in the gym only once last week. She herself does not know what to eat, she starves for a while and then smashes the whole fridge.
People at this stage have the motivation to act and make a change. They started with small steps. They do not eat two chocolates, but only one, they use stairs instead of an elevator. We see that they are changing their lives, but they lack a system and a regular habit.
Tip: You will support a person who is at this stage by helping them to draw up an action plan for what their weight loss will look like. It is ideal to find a nutritionist who will advise you with the menu and with the coach or coach to define your goal and the appropriate way to achieve it.


At that stage, people are already actively changing their lifestyle. However, it is also common to fall into a previous state. To maintain your weight loss, increase your chances thanks to proven principles of psychology.
Customize your environment
Don’t just rely on your strong will. We are human beings and we need to make it as easy as possible. If you have a bar full of sweets at home, you are more likely to get to them. You have decided to lose weight, so eliminate all things that increase the temptation to eat junk food. Forfeiture occurs when you are unprepared. If you have prepared a fit dinner, everything goes like “butter”. The problem occurs when you are stressed, rush to a meeting and find yourself hungry. The baguette from the pump will probably end up in your stomach. Be prepared, a suitable solution is a box diet.
Reward yourself
If you don’t like exercise, you will go to each workout with dislike and negative emotions. Emotions are key. Unhealthy eating has rewarded you before. You need to “dig through” this formula and find a reward in something that will be positive for you. An example could be that in a gym you meet a person who you like and understand well. It will increase your chances of success, because “shaking into the gym” will not be a poison, but you will look forward to it (reward), because you can no longer wait to see it.
Respond to stress differently.
Your old formula was that you came back from a job that was terrible, you didn’t eat all day because you didn’t catch up, you had three coffees and cookies. Throughout the day, you were “disconnected” from your body and totally in your head. In the evening you came home, you read and you ate the whole fridge. You dealt with your stress by overeating (so-called emotional eating), which relieved tension (like a scene from a movie where the protagonist pushes ice cream with soup with a spoon and cries because a dude broke up with her). You need to find another, adaptive release source that will serve you. There are various techniques, exercise is one of the ways to relieve mental stress.
Create a support network
The people around us are one big support network who can pull us up. Ask your friends and family to help you. When you run in the kitchen like a nervous tiger and the danger of calling from the fridge will be obvious. Then it is important that they intervene, take you e.g. for a walk or divert attention in another direction…


People are already in the target behavior, working to prevent the initial state from returning. The temptation is less, their self-confidence grows, the temptation to return to the original behavior decreases. There is a well-deserved reward in the form of a healthy habit.
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